Reliable Power Electronic based Power System

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We are happy to announce, that we are holding the13th REPEPS Workshop friday, the 4th December.

The workshop will be held virtually from 11.00 - 15:00.


The modern society has to become more energy efficient and use more renewable generation in order to be sustainable. The key enabling tech-nology in this mission is power electronics, while its proliferation may pose reliability and stability issues to modern power systems. REliable Power Electronic-based Power System (REPEPS) project aims to create new and better understanding of power electronic system combined with its integration into the power grid. The main focus of REPEPS is on failure mechanism of power electronic and power system components, multi-time scale modeling and system stability assessment, power electronic system modeling and analysis, control of power electronic based power system, system probabilistic and reliability assessment, and validation of various proposed methods.


Please register (free of charge) through the link by December 3rd, 2020: REGISTRATION LINK

Workshop Program

We look forward to your participation.

Keynote speech from Frede Blaabjerg on IEEE CPE-POWERENG in Qatar.


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